This is a double drive or scotch tension wheel
Kromski Polonaise wheel
Jacob Pflum Saxony Wheel

The Kromski Polonaise wheel is my all
time favorite wheel and does the majority
of my fine spinning.  It will spin very fine or
heavier yarns.  Doesn't mind plying, even
the 9 plied cabled yarn I made, that was
pictured in Spin-Off magazine this winter. It
is a very ornate wheel and really reminded
me of the antique Norwegian I have.  
Antique Norwegian Double Table
This wheel originaly started out being owned by my Step-Grandmother Gladys.  She was married to my
Grandfather Julius. (See Julius Topp page.) She was not a spinner, but dearly loved antiques.  When
she moved to a small home after Julius passed on, she gave the wheel to my mother.  My mother didn't
spin either, but kept it safe.  After my parents moved to their retirement home near Hayward, Wisconsin,
I finally got my hands on it!!  The green paint on the wheel is the original paint and the treadle is wore
bare of paint from some long passed on spinner.  I'm guessing it was new in the mid-1800s.  I have
retired it to my weaving room although I have spun some very fine Corriedale on it.  I purchased my
Kromski Polonaise because it looks so much like my old Norwegian.
The little Jacob Pflum Saxony wheel that I have
was actually purchased from the Nasco catalog
out of Fort Atkinson Wisconsin.  They still sell it.  
It's a very fast little double drive wheel and is the
wheel that I learned to spin on.  It was rather
difficult learning on this wheel because of its
"easy" ways!!  It is a bit of a floosy and and
likes to flip her drive band off.  Slippery fibers
are harder to spin on her, but the Corriedale
and Corriedale blends just fly into yarn on her.  
She is a fine spinner, hates heavy spinning and
is very temperamental when it comes to plying.  
Right now she is living at my dear friend Pat's
house teaching her how to spin!
There are many rewards to spinning your own yarn-----
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Judith Michels.
Fond du Lac, Wi. 54937
This wheel is my little Kromski
Minstrel that my husband bought for
me last Yule.  I think I can finally say
that I have all the wheels I've ever
wanted.  This little wheel is now my
traveling wheel.  My little Jacob
Pflum used to be but it is now living
with a friend.
Kromski Mintrel
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spinning wheel.  Any ideas on
age/where it was made let me know.  

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